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British International School in Gaza

Has been a licensed school by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education since 2016. It is the only school in the Gaza Strip that implements an international curriculum from kindergarten to twelfth grade (American and British system). Through the implementation of the international curriculum, the school aims to apply an education system based on investigation and research. It aims to cultivate and develop a spirit of respect and understanding of diversity in each student, as well as to develop a lifelong passion for learning. The school also aims to assist students in reaching their best academic potential and developing their active contribution to conflict resolution through effective dialogue.
The British International School in Gaza provides English language education through a preparatory program for university studies, culminating in granting eligible students an American High School Diploma or a British High School Certificate. The school offers a complete and comprehensive educational system that encourages students to achieve high levels of academic achievement and effective cooperation while taking into account the unique needs of each learner. The school encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and well-being. The learning system in the school is based on an investigative and research-based approach, developing skills and logical thinking to find sustainable solutions.


Our Values

Strong emphasis on fostering the Palestinian national identity

Our core values include a strong emphasis on fostering the Palestinian national identity, order and discipline, a student-centered organizing principle, active parental engagement, an equal educational opportunity for all, a conducive environment for development and learning, as well as an unwavering understanding and compassion for others.


Aldahdooh Street, Tel Al Hawa, Gaza Strip, Palestine

Tel: 082625757
mob: 0592389999


Latest News

Commences the End of Year Exams today

Best of luck to our incredible students who have worked tirelessly. Shine brightly and show your amazing achievements! We appreciate our dedicated teachers and staff for their unwavering support. Parents, we assure you a fair exam environment. Students, take a deep breath, believe in yourselves, and let your hard work pay off. You've got this! Good luck

Students organized a successful in-school bake sale

Our incredible students organized a successful in-school bake sale. Not only did they learn the value of giving back, but they also gained valuable business skills in profit and loss.
The delicious treats prepared by our talented bakers delighted taste buds and warmed hearts, all while making a positive impact.

#AmericanTrack #BritishInternationalSchool

Our American Track students at the British International School have passed the College Board CLEP exam with flying colors! 🌟 Their hard work and dedication have paid off, showcasing their readiness for college-level coursework. Congratulations to our outstanding students and a big thank you to the College Board for providing this opportunity.

O Level IGCSE exams

Our incredible students at the British International School have begun their O Level IGCSE exams. We're proud of their hard work and dedication. Good luck to all the students as they showcase their knowledge and skills. You've got this! #BISExams2023 #GoodLuck #FutureLeaders