vision and mission

vision and mission

Welcome to the British International School

Welcome to the British International School which currently serves pupils from grade 1 to grade 8. We are planning to accommodate and reach  grade 12 in the next four consecutive years. We hope we could provide you with helpful information about our vibrant school community.

Our School program is driven and guided by the School's Vision and Mission Statements. The school headmaster, the teaching staff and the Administrator are all committed to the development of the whole child-approach, academic, social and emotional development.

Our vision is to prepare a pupil equipped with a high standard of education to be able to face life challenges and to be a contributing member of the ever-changing world.

To achieve this vision, the school will create a motivated, attractive and safe learning environment supported by an advanced English curriculum and distinguished teaching staff. We will use functioning  up-to-date educational techniques  that foster academic, emotional, social and physical growth for our students. The school appreciates the core link with the family to help the pupil  be an independent lifelong learner and so become a prominent figure in society.

Through our work in the school we will adopt the following policy:

  • We believe in making pupils of the British International School (BIS) aware of their place in the world.
  • We believe BIS pupils is a friendly community.
  • We believe in supporting the uniqueness of each child.
  • We believe all children can learn.
  • We believe children learn best in a safe and attractive environment.
  • We believe learning is best when students and teachers respect each other.
  • We believe learning can be fun.
  • We believe children learn best when they are involved in their educational activities.
  • We believe that a partnership between a family and school is necessary for learning.
  • We believe clear expectations are a foundation for success.
  • We believe in respect, responsibility and mutual understanding.
  • We believe in adopting the whole child approach.
  • We believe in fostering the creativity in each child.
  • We believe in teaching children to understand themselves as learners.
  • We believe in fostering a strong sense of self.
  • We believe that good communication skills are necessary to succeed.
  • We believe in fostering social skills among students.
  • We believe in creating a comfortable environment suitable for learning.
  • We believe a successful student will possess good study habits.