values and ethics

values and ethics

BISG is directed and managed with a professional policy towards its pupils employees, parents and families as well as the local community.
BISG recognizes the vital link between these parties in contributing to the education of the next generation and works hard to foster this cooperation.
For learners, BISG aims to promote learning and its prime responsibility to them is:
  • Its learners will get learning and teaching of the best quality.
  • We will emphasize the education of the whole approach in a critical and creative context rather than intensive cramming of information in pupils’ minds.
  • Every pupil in the BISG community can expect to be treated honestly, fairly and with respect by all.
  • This is a professional workplace free of prejudice, discrimination, politics, self-interest and intimidation. 
  • We believe that self-discipline is better than punishment.
  • We will provide competitive situations when we are convinced of the educational benefits of this approach for the particular child.
  • We will celebrate our learners’ achievements and increase freedoms and responsibilities for pupils who earn our trust.
  • We will encourage students to take calculated risks, aim high and learn from their mistakes, since failure is a vital part of the learning process.
  • A feature of our approach is the daily review, which helps to consolidate the day’s learning in the pupil’s mind before leaving for home and aims to pinpoint potential gaps before they cause problems.
  • Our pupils should wear a smart school uniform to appear smart and reflect an important life skill. 
  • We do our best to identify and meet the needs of those pupils who need additional support or special approaches to learning, whether academic, social or physical
  • We will keep in touch with our alumni after they leave us and will continue to provide support where it is needed.
  • Our focus will always remain purely professional and we will neither become involved with local or national political parties, nor allow internal politics and personal agenda to distract us from keeping the children’s learning at the centre of our operations.

For our employees, we have an important responsibility to them.

  • We will ensure that all Teachers are properly equipped for their classroom.
  • When a staff member takes on a significant additional responsibility. The school will acknowledge this and support them when and where they need it. 
  • When the opportunity arises, we will provide open and fair access to the teaching environment.
  • BISG is a secure and friendly workplace in which a positive and meaningful working approach is established.
  • BISG is a newly working environment, where much is expected. 
  • In all matters, the focus and priority must always be on the pupils’ roles, receiving an adequate assistance when they start and continue supporting them to improve their professional competent responsibility. A reduction in teaching load will be negotiated based on merit and aptitude where a mutually supportive attitude is expected. mutually supportive attitude is expected. Kind treatment and willingness to help must underpin all our acts and behaviours to the pupils.Therefore, in recruiting our staff we look for a spirit of cooperation, willingness to offer assistance without being asked, great interest in the holistic education, a good grasp of the English language, a keen enthusiasm in teaching and a reasonable experience in the field of education, learning and welfare.

For the parents and families who place their trust in us as providers of an excellent education for their children,  we have a major obligation and a moral duty to them.

  • We will be open and honest in our dealings with them, including handling all situations professionally.
  • We will do our best to ensure that families understand clearly 
  • We are serious about caring for a clean and tidy environment giving regular, accurate, fair and frank appraisal of their children’s progress and any communication sent to them inside and outside the school.