school life

school life


The British International School – Gaza (BISG) provides a vibrant environment with a wide range of useful activities beyond the classroom. A pupil's day at school is busy but fun. He/She typically learns lessons with a variety of activities such as practice free reading in the school library, play sports with his friends, visit some important places in Gaza, ….and so on.

The open day

It is an entertaining cultural day in which teachers and students prepare a cultural entertainment activities to ease the burden of study, stimulate abilities and strengthen the students relationship with the school and all these activities will effectivily contribute in building the students character. Some examples of the open day`s activities are:

  1.  implementation of cultural competitions.
  2. doing some sports
  3.  presenting speeches in school broadcasting
  4. celebrating students' birthdays  who wish to do so.
  5. some other matters

Parents are invited to share in these open days.