headmaster’s message

headmaster’s message

Dear Parents and pupils,

I am very delighted to declare the establishment of the British International school (BIS) in Gaza which will officially open in September . You all realise how important English is, as an international language in this globalised world and how it will help learners in building their future career. Therefore, we have decided to establish this unique private school to satisfy the needs of our children in obtaining a high quality of education. The school will adopt the British curriculum which focuses on developing the learners’ competence in the four language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing through using English as a means of instruction.

No doubt that choosing the right school for your child is of utmost importance to many parents, as a child needs to develop in the right environment, in a friendly atmosphere, to get the right set of skills, not only mentally, but also physically and socially, our school will offer you this and more.

The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. I hope you, the parents and pupils find this first step in our school which is planning to introduce our pupils to a remarkable quality of instruction. Our school is keen to provide pupils with comprehensive education which includes all aspects, intellectually, physically, socially and psychologically. In our school, a pupil will find  a lot of facilities, provision of internet, sports, library, music, reception room and other multi-purpose rooms. Furthermore, security and safety of pupils will also be secured in the school compound.

I am sure enrolling your child in our school will be a great advantage to the family. In our school he will find himself as a good pupil, will pursue his learning successfully, will in the future, join the famous university he likes, will achieve his ambitions in building his future life and so become a prominent figure in society.

In this regard, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the board of trustees and to the President of the University of Palestine who thought of establishing this private and distinguished school and have been working hard to make this idea come to light.

Furthermore, I will not bore you with details but invite you to go through our website, which I hope will prompt you to pay us a visit to our school. I look forward to the opening day in September and seeing you and your family in our school.

You are welcome.

Mrs. Reena Saleh 

School Headmistress