education level

education level

Our school (BISG) will accommodate grades 1-8 initially. We hope to expand the school every year by a grade so that in four consecutive years we can reach grade 12.

Every year will represent a symbol of excellence of its age, both within and outside of the school. We will rely fully on the holistic teaching method as well as the school values of honesty, integrity and trust. 

Educational research have shown that pupils who attend small classes in the early grades continue to benefit over their entire lifetime. We adopt this policy of small class size to enable teachers to be more effective and to give learners enough time to be more interactive, as a key point  to improve their achievements in the classroom. Therefore, the class size will not exceed 18 pupils in each class.

In addition to that, establishing a school beginning with primary grades helps a lot in forming a solid foundation in the teaching and learning process in which the pupil learns a lot of information, valuable experience and key skills in reading, writing and numeracy.  

We believe that learning should be personalized to each student as we understand that each child is different and is special in his/her way. Therefore, we treat each pupils' ability with full and absolute respect to encourage each pupil to acquire the information and the skills needed to grow and excel. We realise that the early years in a pupil's life are the most important as they are the formation of the human`s personality and character; therefore, it is our mission to guarantee that each child grows in a safe and supportive environment that allow each child to grow, prosper and excel in addition to enjoy his/her childhood years.

School days form an essential part of the pupil's life that it can never be forgotten. We recognize this thoroughly at our school.Our core values and ethics, with our distinguished teaching will enable pupils to accomplish their full potential, while maintaining their development appropriately.