about us

about us

Welcome to the British international school- Gaza (BISG)

The British international school in Gaza, Palestine is a private school and lies in the heart of Gaza Town, around a 100 meters south  from Dahdouh Crossroad. The BISG will open its doors for pupils and parents in the first week of September .

Our school aims to offer the highest quality of British- style education to students and help them unlock their abilities and reach their highest potential to build a stronger community of leaders who assist the society.

The school follows the English curriculum in teaching except for Arabic and religion, as they will be taught in Arabic. The school belongs to the University of Palestine and is run with the help of its president and board of trustees.

We believe all children can be successful and our policy is to encourage and assist them to make the most of their talents. Although academic success is highly appreciated, focusing on the child’s character is our main interest as we strive to help our pupils become strong, successful citizens that leave their footprint.

Learning in our school is innovative, creative, valuable and rewarding. Children will be given every opportunity to develop academically, socially and physically through mutual respect, self-confidence and a strong set of values. We value all pupils equally as individuals that are able to make a positive change in their surroundings and provide a safe and civilized environment in which they can develop.

We ensure that every child receives the support and encouragement needed to be a happy, confident and a motivated learner who is prepared for not only facing the outside world and its challenges, but also for excelling both as a member of society and as a member of the field the pupil decides upon. The school will assist pupils to seize all advantages and possible opportunities that may be offered whether it is an academic or personal level.

We believe that mutual and strong cooperation with the family can bring a drastic benefit to the pupil. Therefore, the school insures a close network between the family and the school allowing the family to be part of the learning and development process. This cooperation will also help the school effectively tackle any issue the pupil might face and improve the quality of education we offer.