Q1. When will the school open? 

 The school will be ready to receive its pupils in the first of September.

Q2. Are there any conditions to entry?

No, there aren't. The registration process is very easy.If the child is in grade one, he needs to fill an application attached with the birth certificate and the father's identification document. If the child is in other classes (grades 2-8), he needs to bring the final school certificate to confirm his previous grade and to notice his progress in addition to the birth certificate and parent's ID.

First Grade the child has to be born before 10 May.

Q3. How do I apply for my child?

An application form can be downloaded on the admission page on the website, or you can visit the school to complete the process of registration.

Q4. How much is the tuition fee at your school?

It is 2000 dollars $ per school year. 

Q5.  What are the class sizes in the BISG?

The normal number of pupils in each class is from 16-18 pupils.

Q6. Is there a special school uniform?

Yes, all pupils must wear a unified school uniform with pride.

Q7. What time does school day start and end?

The school bell rings at 7:50 in the morning and the school day ends at 2:30 in the afternoon. Some free outside classroom activities will be practised till 3:30.

Q8. Is there transport to take pupils from home to school? 

Yes, there are regular buses daily which takes pupils each school day. Transport is optional according to the parents' permissions.

Q9. What if my child is not acceptable in English? Can I have a place in the school? 

 Yes, the school accepts pupils with limited English language. Our teachers support pupils who need help in learning the English language either individually, or in small groups or within the main classroom environment. The school may also recommend additional language support, for which parents will be responsible for.

Q10. What extra-curricular (after school) activities are offered at the school?

There are a wide variety of activities available each term that cover a wide range of interests like sports, trips, arts, science, academics and languages.

Q11.  How can I get a report about my child's personal and academic progress?

Parents receive 4 reports in the year which includes feedback on pupil's achievements. Parents can meet with class teachers on specific days which will be announced later. If the parent feels the need to inquire about his child, he can call the school at any time, or ask for an appointment with the staff. 

Q12. Are there sufficent security measures in place at the school?

The saftey and security of pupils are of utmost importance to us. The school building is safe and secured, and the pupils will always be given our undivided attention.